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Our mission: bridging skill gaps in AI across diverse sectors.

Why Qi4M Academy?

Because we believe knowledge unlocks humanity's limitless potential. AI is more than technology—it's the new universal language for solving complex problems and sparking unprecedented innovation. At Qi4M Academy, we're building a community of bright minds ready to collaborate and push the boundaries of the possible.

Innovative Curriculum

Engage with a curriculum at the forefront of AI innovation, continuously updated to encapsulate the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring your education is relevant and impactful.

World-Class Faculty

Learn from the best—our faculty comprises esteemed PhD holders and industry experts, bringing a wealth of knowledge, research excellence, and real-world experience to empower your learning journey.

Real-World Application

Go beyond theory with hands-on projects and case studies that mirror real-world challenges, equipping you with the skills to apply AI solutions effectively across various industry landscapes.

Whether you're starting or advancing your AI journey, our diverse courses are designed to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be.

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Qi4M Academy's vision materialized through our first educational endeavor within Generali Investments, marking a significant step forward in AI and financial machine learning education.

Customized AI Course

The academy's curriculum, backed by our technological platform, has been custom-designed to expedite Generali Asset Management's adoption of AI and ML for investment strategies and risk management.

Cultural Shift

This educational program marks the beginning of a paradigm shift within Generali, ushering in a new era where AI and ML are key innovators in the financial world.

Redefining Industry Norms

This initiative not only elevated standards within Generali but also highlighted the role of targeted education in advancing the finance industry.

Discover our Award-Winning Scientific Publications

Our commitment to the advancement of AI is reflected in our repository of research documents, which highlight the innovative work of our R&D'S team in pushing the frontier of AI.