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Empowering Investment Solutions
Via AI Technology

Born out from a desire

Our journey began with the vision to elevate growth and performance in Asset Management through the innovative lens of Artificial Intelligence.

At Qi4M, we envisioned a future where the finance world could be navigated with the unmatched clarity and precision that AI offers.

Founded in 2017, our mission has been to bridge the gap between financial expertise and AI innovation, providing not just tools but a new perspective on investment management.

Over time, we've evolved. Today, our aim is to serve as a catalyst for innovation, driving a cultural and technological transformation in the investment arena. Our goal is to democratise access to the AI era's capabilities, equipping our clients with advanced tools and knowledge to confidently navigate a rapidly changing market landscape.

The Qi-Platform is the cornerstone of our vision, offering a comprehensive suite of AI applications that enable our clients to customise financial products and manage the investment cycle with unparalleled precision.

Some of our milestones


Qi4M comes to life


Qi-Platform Development


Terranova Index Launch
5+ years of live Track Record


5+ Investment Solutions delivered


Expansion into data
flows and ESG


Inaugural release of
reporting leveraging


Launch of the first AI & ML academy in the financial sector

The Visionaires behind Qi4M

More than 20 years of experience in finance, strategy consulting and artificial intelligence-based technologies

Vittorio Carlei

Co-Founder & Head of R&D

Gabriele Ciani

Co-Founder & CEO

Giulio Giorgini

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